Czech Single Women - Katrin, age 21

Katrin (Czech Republic, Klášterec nad Ohří - age 21)

Profile of Katrin, age 21

Czech Republic, Klášterec nad Ohří

Hair, Eyes:Auburn, Brown
Build:155-160 cm, 60-65 kg, Average
Education:Secondary School Education without school-leaving exam
Reading E-Mail:Every day
Last Activity:one month ago
Profil No.:32226
Zodiac Sign: Aries

My crazy dream: I have a lot of crazy dreams.

Language skills:
Do you have a tattoo?:Standard
Do sports:Rarely
Do you have a pet?
Character:Extrovert (outgoing)
Your unrealized crazy dream?
I have a lot of crazy dreams.
My Favourite Sports:
- Jogging
- Hiking
- Horse riding
My personal qualities:
- natural
- willing
- caring
- faithful
- cheerful
- homely
- calm
- reliable
- careful
- nice
- listening
- sociable
- hardworking
- romantic
- intelligent
My Hobbies:
- music
- household
- travelling
- animals
- cinema
- television
- dancing
- family life
- restaurants
- cooking
- walks
- shopping
- dating
What are your most desired wishes at the moment?
- Meet the love of my life.
- Meet interesting and nice people.
- Augment my income and climb the career ladder.
- Start over again.
- Find a life partner.
- Build a happy and long lasting relationship which you feel good in.
- Find an all-weather friend.
What type of holidays do you prefer?
- Seaside holiday
- Sports holiday
- Study holiday
- Mountain holiday
- Health resort
- Camping
- Boating holiday
- Adventure holiday
- Sightseeing tours
- Wellness holiday
- Bathing holiday
- Rest & relaxation holiday
- Stay at home
- Hiking
Do you like cooking?
Yes, I do.
What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
- Elegant
- In the latest fashion
- Practical
- Mainly leather clothes
- Sports clothes
- Mainly jeans
- Informal
- It depends on the occasion
- Casual
What do people who know you well (such as friends, family, etc.) think about you?
- I am always nice and in jolly mood.
- I participate in everything.
- When something happens, I find a solution instantly.
- I am somewhat a day-dreamer.
- No one can make her angry, I am as cool as a cucumber!
- I am not a wet blanket.
- I think a lot about life.
Which qualities of your future partner will you appreciate the most?
- kindness
- vitality and health
- appearance
- occupation
- well-off
How important is sex for you?
not so important
What is important for you in life?
- Luck in love
- Social security
- Good friendship
- Rest and contentment
- Self-fulfilment
- Career success
- Family background and partner
- Be respected by others
What is your attitude toward marriage?
I do not consider the institution of marriage a necessity.


26 - 50 Years
Marital Status
Partner?s Build
Height (cm)
Unimportant cm
Message to Partner
I am waiting for your message.