April in-line skating

April in-line skating
As soon as the April sun began gaining momentum and weather dejection and depression began to leave, I took my beloved in-line skates, put on my best outfit and started skating at one of the many paths that I have around your house. I looked forward to ride my in-lines, which still work fine, almost whole winter. These skates I got from my sister as a birthday present several years ago.  I hated her then , but in a while I love them. Once I had mastered the basic moves which are necessary to ride, I began also enjoyed my single life! I started to be smiling person, I felt that the world belongs to me and that I can do anything if I want and believe.
Even though at the time I did not have a partner, I was satisfied and happy. I did not feel lonely, even for just a moment, my friends were around me every time I needed, so I did not realize that I'm at the age, when I should think about a family and baby. Thirty are gone long ago, but I still felt like a teenage czech girl!  I met my partner so unexpectedly, how can unexpectedly become spring cold shower. In a place where is no shade and where is no place to hide. I felt happiness around me when I saw him for the first time. He had absolutely great skating technique and he was completely gentleman. He passes me and in blink of the eye he stood by me, because he realized that I am soaked to the bone and completely defenceless. He offers help and support to guide to nearest hiding place.
And so we went our acquaintance. A man of my dreams, a man with whom I can not just go on skating, but also take the craziest adventure that is there for me whenever I need him. Love just sometimes unexpectedly strikes in situations where you would not expect. Perhaps in an April drizzle in the middle of nature.
08. 04. 2020

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