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Contact Top Women

As a VIP user with paid monthly subscription you can contact TOP women and find the woman of your dreams. You thus acquire a unique opportunity of being the first to contact Top Women, before anyone else does.

My profile on the first page

As a VIP user with paid monthly subscription, you will have your Profile automatically displayed on the first page in Top Men. It could be today: this morning, this afternoon or evening that you will receive messages from Eastern European women directly to your e-mail registered with us.

How does it work?

Register - free and fast with the online number 1 dating agency that we operate. You can establish your Profile absolutely free in the Catalog of Men and you may start receiving messages from women from the entire Eastern Europe today. Afterwards, log in and select a woman that fulfils your ideas, and once you have ordered your monthly subscription or contacts, you will be able to contact her. Women Profiles can be saved in My Profile. We respect your anonymity.

How can I pay?

With us, payments are secure and fast. You can pay via: Credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, Paysafecard and Bitcoin. Each payment is unique and does not oblige you to any other payments.. Once we receive your payment, your monthly subscription or contacts will be activated immediately. You can see our pricelist here.
If you order several contacts or monthly subscription for several months, you will save money.

How do I contact a partner?

All women from Eastern Europe registered with us provided at least 1 means of contacting them. All contacts for these women are verified; we guarantee that. Once you have ordered and paid for your monthly subscription or contacts, you can contact these women via E-mail, mobile phone, telephone, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger  or you can send them a written message. As a user with a paid monthly subscription you can even Live chaten, contact Top Women and be included on the first page of the Catalog of Men. .

Is the Catalog of Men free?

Yes, the Catalog of Men is absolutely free. You can upload up to 6 photographs. Your profile will be viewed by over 1000 women from Eastern Europe every day. You could receive messages on the very same day or contact women yourself. Register free in the Catalog of Men.

Is Live chat free?

Live Chat is free for users who ordered a monthly subscription. Take this opportunity to chat live with women from Eastern Europe, and meet the right one for you. You will be surprised how great your chances with women from Eastern Europe are! Make use of payment via Credit card and you can chat with women from Eastern Europe today.

Presentation of women through Video… what exactly does that mean?

All users with ordered monthly subscription have free access to Videos.
Video gives the women a chance to present themselves, show their personality and captivate men with their charm. It is worth watching! In order to gain access to videos, you must order a monthly subscription.

What does the service Receive Compatible Matches mean and is it free?

The service Receive Compatible Matches is free for every user. All you have to do is to fill in the criteria for receiving profiles of women at My Profile. After that, once a woman, who fulfils the criteria entered by you, registers, you will automatically receive an e-mail from us. You can thus contact this woman before anyone else does. The Receive Compatible Matches service can be edited or deactivated anytime.

Can I contact a woman who is online?

You will immediately know which one of the Eastern European women is online and which one is not. This way you can immediately send a message to a particular woman or contact her via e-mail, telephone, mobile, WhatsApp und Facebook Messenger . And you could receive an answer to your message today.

Will you be receiving compatible matches regularly?

You will regularly receive profiles of women that match your criteria for a partner. Register at our online dating site and find a woman that is right for you.

Are you entitled to your money back?

All contacts for women registered with us have been verified via sms Code. However, in the unlikely case of contacts for a particular woman being incorrect, you will immediately receive another contact from us as a bonus.

Can a profile in the Catalog of Men be edited or deleted?

Information in the Catalog of Men can be edited and deleted as you like. The Catalog of Men is absolutely free. You can enter up to 6 photographs. Your Profile will be read by over 1000 women from Eastern Europe every day. You could receive messages from women on the very same day. Or contact the women yourself. Register free in the Catalog of Men .

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Hello team,I think it is of great advantage to get acquainted with women from other East European countries (Czech and Slovak Republics), and not only from Russia. The geographical nearness is advantageous, especially when you are very busy in your job, as me. This advantage should not be depreciated. I have got acquainted with Kveta from Bratislava and we would like to live together. Thanks for this chance. Reinhard, München

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