Brighten your autumn and set off for a euro weekend

Brighten your autumn and set off for a euro weekend

Autumn can be quite inhospitable and bring shock to a lot of people after sunny summer and high temperatures. Days get shorter, degrees drop to zero and one feels like doing nothing. People get lazy and have no energy to think up activities to do. However, if you are a newly established couple that wants to enjoy time together, you definitely spend time looking for events to visit and see or places to go. The most popular ones are various food festivals and cultural activities such as going to exhibitions and seeing theatre plays or art galleries. A lot of couples go abroad and decide to see famous cities in autumn. These travels are known as euro weekends and mean going to popular European capitals or big cities for three to four days.

Euro weekends usually have a well-scheduled programme, during which people see the most renowned monuments, buildings and uniquenesses that are typical of each city in a short time. On the other hand, they have chances to relax and plan time for themselves as well. Evenings are spent in local pubs and restaurants tasting national dishes and drinks and enjoying atmosphere of another culture. A large number of couples travel abroad to get new experiences, spend time together and make autumn somehow special. The most attractive euro weekends are spent in Barcelona, Rome, Paris, London, Milan, Copenhagen, Vienna or Amsterdam. They are worth seeing not only for their historical sights and monuments, but also for shopping and tasting delicious cuisine. Some of the cities welcome people with beautiful weather with high temperatures that cheer one up and energize him. So if you are bored or don’t know what to do in autumn, take your partner abroad for the weekend. It`s an ideal time to get to know not only a European city more, but also spend more time together and enjoy it at full blast.

08. 04. 2020

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