Love is something amazing

Love is something amazing

When I first met my husband, I was just on a date with an other guy. My future husband fell into my eye and in a few years I was married to him. It was in March. Spring already smell in the air, flowers peeked out into the world, the sun alternately hiding behind the clouds and the birds flew slowly from the south. But then I did not know that in a few years everything will be totally different from what I had planned. Radim - the other guy, with whom I was sitting in my favourite café, overlooking the river, he always treat women with respect. He was ten years younger than I am, but I'm incredibly impressed, he works as a doctor in a hospital. He was really well behaved and our acquaintance went romantically, like in a Hollywood movie. I did not think I could fall in love with someone else. At that moment was Radim my future husband. Unfortunately for him, things turned out differently. At the next table he saw a couple that did not look happy. The man who was sitting with a nice czech girl, was very depressed and neither girl without any optimism. While I started my new relationship, they just ended theirs. I was sympathetic to the devastated couple I smiled and continue chat with Radim, with no attention to them. I just selfishly enjoying our love.

Radim had to unexpectedly leave the hospital - because somewhere crashed a bus full of passengers, and there was need of all staff! I understood it, I gave him a kiss goodbye and wished good nerves and I stayed alone in the cafe above the unfinished coffee and croissant. The pair had been since gone when I rose and went home. While walking along the river, however, I met the man who has just broken up with a girl. We started talk and about two hours we walked along the river bank. No, we did not kiss each other, we did not share contacts, but honestly said that was amazing. During next few years fate brought us together randomly. Peter always came just at the right time. We got together about a year after he broke up that girl. And now we have to admit, from our point of view, we make the perfect pair.

08. 04. 2020

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