When secret wishes come true

When secret wishes come true
With the new year I wish a new love to whom is needed. Or, finally, the proper date for those who think they are forgotten. That was exactly my situation a year ago when I was single on New Year’s day with head of full resolutions. But I had no idea that resolution became reality for me. 
It started very simple. On New Year's Eve, I had to go to take shift  because of a sick colleague. With a bit spoiled mood, my plans was arranged with whole day preparations, Ive start work. Imagine that  that you make nice hair, make-up nicely, choose the right clothes. and you want to meaningfully say goodbye to the old year and celebrate new one. work was here And so I accepted this situation with calm. Colleague was a ill, Ive finished all work tasks and after that I  hurried to my own party.
Between work and a party, I ran home, Ive done change of clothes and make a completely new make-up at super speed. This part of the preparations came out not so well as I wanted. I did not mind much, my friends knows me. 
I had that attitude until I walked into the apartment. and he sat there. A friend of my friends, which I heard a little about. My knees buckled and we stared at each other for a really long time. I felt the sparks that flew around us. I did not know if others see it, but certainly they have to. The whole night we stay close, just a eye blink away. The whole evening he silently smiled. We spoke together a bit, and each word was very clear. Intuition did not disappoint us. In January, we met for several times. Actually, I do not know which one of us initiated date. It just all come itself. It was exactly as I had imagined in the most secret dreams. Magical, peaceful and with life wisdom.  Nowadays I just wonder if it was the intention of our friends, or whether it was sheer coincidence..
08. 04. 2020

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