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The happy men and women, and their story of love:


Name: Frank
City: Auerbach

I have already found a woman of my dreams thanks to your help. This woman is outstanding. We are in a get-to-know-you stage and would like to celebrate our engagement soon. We love each other from the beginning. 
Both of us believe in kindred spirits. Good luck in running your website.

Frank, Auerbach

Name: Scotty
City: Anchorage

I have found a wonderful woman from Slovakia and we are very interested in each other! Thanks for introducing us! I could not be happier!

Scotty, Anchorage

Name: Volker
City: Waidhofen

Thank you, I have found a woman of my dreams.

Volker, Waidhofen


Name: Edwin
City: Perlesreut

I have found everything which I had looked for and it was the first woman who answered me. Great websites and I  will recommend it further on. Thank you.

Edwin, Perlesreut

Name: Joe
City: Montreal

I found the women of my dreams and we have been talking daily since then and when we see each other every 1-2 month because of distance it is like fireworks .... Thank you so much to your dating agnecy, than i found love of my dreams. 

Joe, Montreal

Name: Hermann
City: Weilheim

Yippee, I bought one month and it worked! I have found my love or to be precise she me. Thanks a lot.

Hermann, Weilheim

Name: Gopal
City: New York

I found the person of my dreams from your site. Thank you very much! I am visiting her in Prague soon!

Gopal, New York.

Name: Günter Georg Heinrich
City: Lohne
Günter Georg Heinrich

I´ve already found a woman of my dreams. Thanks.

Georg, Lohne

Name: Franz
City: Burgschleinitz

Dear team, your dating agency is great and I have to say, the top. I made a lot of acquaintances and I´ve found the right women of my dreams. Thank you a lot! Ig.

Franz, Burgschleinitz

Name: Peter
City: Rosenheim

I have found a woman of my dreams in the Czech Republic. Thank you for your fair and good service.

Peter, Rosenheim

Name: Werner
City: Magdeburg

I have found the right woman! Thank you very much for everything. 

Werner, Magdeburg

Name: Jens
City: Doberenz

I have found a woman of my dreams. I am happy so thank you for 
evertyhing. Jens, Doberenz

Name: Reiner
City: Roggwil

Dear team, I have met a kind pretty Slowak woman. I hope that we go together and perhaps we will get married one day. Thank you very much, 

Reiner, Roggwil

Name: Hans
City: Karlsruhe

Hello, three months ago I found a woman of my dreams: Iveta from Prague. In simple terms, she is the woman of my dreams!!! She is faithful, sensitive, pretty and clever. We talk to each other for hours and it´s not long enough for us. I´d like to thank your website. Kind regards, 

Hans, Karlsruhe

Name: Uwe
City: Regensburg

 I have found the Czech woman of my dreams thanks to this dating 
website and I am very happy with her!

Uwe, Regensburg

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