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The happy men and women, and their story of love:


Name: Thomas
City: Nossen

I have had a profile here for two weeks and 8 days ago I´ve met the woman of my dreams. We´ve already had a date and next weekend we´ll meet again because we are happy together. Thank you very much for the good cooperation. Regards,

Thomas, Nossen

Name: Roland
City: Pfaffenschlag

Hello, I have found a good match for me here. Now we have a nice relationship. Thank you very much,

Roland, Pfaffenschlag

Name: Helmut
City: Leipzig

I was there for a month but I deleted my profile early because I found the right woman. I won´t look for another women... Thank you very much :-)

Helmut, Leipzig

Name: Frank
City: Augsburg

Thanks, I have new girlfriend!

Frank, Augsburg

Name: Jürgen
City: Hannover

Hello, thank you for everything. I´ve met the great woman here who I like to spend my future with. We haven´t plan to move yet, but maybe next summer. My girlfriend has a child of school age so that it isn´t possible before this. We´ve already spent some weeks together and we´ll go on Chritmas holiday together. We love each other and look forward to our common future. Thanks

Jürgen, Hannover

Name: Andreas
City: Bad Salzungen

It has been developing. I hope that the long distance that is between me and the woman of my dreams doesn´t mean an obstacle. Moreover, I can recommend this dating website further on.

Andreas, Bad Salzungen.

Name: Hermann
City: Wien

I met the kind young lady from Slovakia who I´d like to spend my life with. I wish all of you a good luck when looking for your partner.

Hermann, Wien

Name: Andy
City: Gernsbach/ Staufenberg

Thank you very much. I have already found the woman of my dreams.

Andy, Gernsbach/ Staufenberg

Name: Andy
City: München

Thank your dating agency very much, I´ve found the woman of my dreams.

Andy, München

Name: Frank
City: Auerbach/Vogtland

Dear Team, I was looking for the woman for life beyond the German-Czech border and have registered here in April 2011. Using the same scale of my profile, I was contacted by Klaudie Louny mid-May. You want me to know you. Since we both are in contact via e-mail and this account here. Klaudie is a beautiful and loving wife. A meeting in her home is already planned. We will then discuss everything else, so that we can expand and strengthen our relationship (remote). I've been with my wife found Klaudie for life. And for the team applies a very special thanks here. Without you I would not know that there are Klaudie. many Greetings

Frank Auerbach / Vogtland

Name: Eric
City: Bad Vöslau

Yes. I met a great lady and we are very happy. Thanks!

Eric, Bad Vöslau

Name: Jürgen
City: Bruchsal

Yes if it is a success story that has yet to arise. There are some interesting contacts and I'm going to see who can contribute to the success story. Thanks for the well done side is very übersichtilich.

Jürgen, Bruchsal

Name: Ivo
City: Darmstadt

Thank your dating agency very much, I´ve found the woman of my dreams.

Ivo, Darmstadt

Name: Ulf
City: Rudolstadt/thüringen

Yeah, it works...immediately after few days here on the internet. Although I began to be quite sceptical if it really goes. One day I wrote a lot with Martina and we met very early.

Ulf, Rudolstadt

Name: Georg
City: New York

I´ve already met a woman. Thank you.

Georg, New York

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Dear team ... I still buzzing head for the past few days but I would like to thank you. Although there a website is "only", it has within 4 weeks changed my life. I signed up with you and just thought it can fold it or not. I had a few women wrote to the I liked, some have responded, some do not. Natärlich I was also contacted by ladies and I have polite and well-behaved answered without knowing what is there really to happen to me. J Eva had written to me, I had a lot of work and answered b ...

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