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The happy men and women, and their story of love:


Name: Thomas
City: Jena

Hello, dating agency czech-single-women, we are very happy together, me with Monika. I am very obliged to you for a successful partner contact through your dating agency. Kind regards and many successes!

Thomas, Jena

Name: Helmut
City: Berlin

Dear team,

I am a very shy man and therefore I can hardly get acquainted with a woman. In the past I did not dare to approach a woman and to speak to her in discos, bars or at other opportunities. That is why the way via “czech-single-women” was the most reasonable for me. I could contact women free and simply via email. Thus, I can inform you today that thanks to you I have met my present girlfriend.  

Helmut, Berlin

Name: Siegfried
City: Magdeburg

Dear team, first of all, I would like to praise you very much. Your SITE is always perfectly top actual and also super as regards prices.  Today I registered myself as a MEMBER and joined immediately…thanks. Have a nice day.

Siegfried, Magdeburg

Name: Liana
City: München

I was born in Czechoslovakia. My parents received a grant. It was a wonderful event which appeared even in national newspapers. Till my 7 eyars I lived as a star, I was respected and admired because of my unusual colour and beauty. When I returned with my parents to Rio de Janeiro, my ethnic consciousness was much more comprehensive, there was a social environment in my country in which I felt like a “fish without water”. The reason why, in 2010, I came to Germany was love. At present, I feel that I have self-realized myself as a woman and a businesswoman.

Liana, München

Name: Denk
City: Hamburg


I am much obliged to you for you services and efforts!

Denk, Hamburg

Name: Reinhard
City: Fuhrt im Wald

Good morning,

Many thanks….I like your site very much. It is not complicated and the girls are mostly very pretty and many speak English quite well.

Reinhard, Fuhrt im Wald

Name: Ralf
City: Insbruck

Dear Sir, Madam,

First of all, I would like to thank you because thanks to you I got to find my wife.

Ralf, Insbruck

Name: Josef
City: Salzburg

Hello dear team of,

I like especially two things in your online sites: first, it is the recency of your women profiles. It can be seen immediately that the profiles are not compiled by anybody else, but by the women themselves. They write with mistakes, no doubt, but it should be excused; after all we make mistakes too. Each woman can delete herself immediately, if she finds a man, or if she receives a lot of answers. Secondly, I like that you are specialized in your online sites in the lands which are not far away and in which women do not need any visa for travelling to Germany. Thanks to it it is possible to meet each other soon, if you feel that there is a match. I have found Katka from the Czech Republic. We would like to meet again very soon and therefore her profile has been deleted. Many thanks.-)

Josef, Salzburg

Name: Werner
City: Hamburg

Although I have not found the right dream woman yet, I am very satisfied with your service. I have gone through three personal meetings already, however, I am still looking. Please, wish me well.

Werner, Hamburg

Name: Sara
City: Deggendorf


I come from the Czech Republic and I have been working as a shop-assistant in Germany. When I found your Internet site on Czech Internet, I was very happy, because I can put an advertisement and men can find me if they wish to have a woman from the Czech Republic. It may be an advantage for me that I am already in Germany.  

Sara, Deggendorf

Name: Julia
City: Prag


I notify that I would like to deregister. I have found a kind and very lovely partner. Next month I am going to move in with him in Germany. Many thanks once more.

Julia, Praga

Name: Reinhard
City: München

Hello team,I think it is of great advantage to get acquainted with women from other East European countries (Czech and Slovak Republics), and not only from Russia. The geographical nearness is advantageous, especially when you are very busy in your job, as me. This advantage should not be depreciated. I have got acquainted with Kveta from Bratislava and we would like to live together. Thanks for this chance.

Reinhard, München

Name: Tobias
City: Waiblingen

I would like to thank you, as owing to you I have found my new love (Ester). I (Tobias, 35) wrote to Ester from Pilsen . Then we met quite soon. It worked, so we are living together now. First meeting was on 01 February 2006. I would never have thought that I can fall in love so soon after my break up. Greaaaaaaaaaaaat feeling. Kind regards

Tobias, Waiblingen



Name: Mario und Zuzana
City: Stuttgart

I (Mario) and Zuzana have got acquainted through your, rather very soon. The first meeting for “sussing out each other” took 14 hours, it was as if we had known each other for ages and as if we have missed each other a lot. Because we are not teens any more, we are rather sceptical and look for a hitch in our story, but it works well and we want to try it together. Many thanks, because without your dating services we would never have met each other. Kind reagards, 

Mario, Zuzana, Stuttgart

Name: Lukas
City: Bremen


I dated 3 women during the summer of 2005 and I must say that I was quite impressed with the choice of women. I always got on well with them, our life attitudes were the same….., however, only with Sara it “sparkled” and a glowing fire with common holidays, weekend meetings, getting acquainted with our families and discussions about our long-desired common future has been burning for one year. It seems to be possible! When the real  “fireworks” start, we will inform you. Kind regards and many thanks

Lukas, Bremen

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Hello, I come from the Czech Republic and I have been working as a shop-assistant in Germany. When I found your Internet site on Czech Internet, I was very happy, because I can put an advertisement and men can find me if they wish to have a woman from the Czech Republic. It may be an advantage for me that I am already in Germany.   Sara, Deggendorf

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