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The happy men and women, and their story of love:


Name: Andrea und Thomas
City: Basel
Andrea und Thomas


I have exchanged emails with 2 men and I met one, Thomas. It was nice. He turned out to be a man who matched my expectations to the maximum. At the beginning he was rather embarrassed, he was married for a long time and he was not such an experienced single as me. I was used to meeting men who flirted and boasted, no matter what. However, I wanted to find out who this man was, so unusually shy. I found out that he was a very sensitive and tender man who would like to pamper a woman. We fell in love and now we want to live together, no matter how kitschy it may be. At the very beginning of our relation he gave me – only because he loved me – a huge bunch of red roses, all those, which were available in the shop. Since that time we had not been apart any night. It frequently happens to old fools – we fell in love like in the teens, no, a deal more. Thus, tschechische-traumfrauen worked really super. I am happy that I have found such a great man. Maybe also the others can be encouraged by our story to try it too. Kind regards

Andrea, Thomas, Basel


Name: George und Dana
City: München
George und Dana

 „Why did I participate at Quite easy: I am not a man who goes to bars or discos and tries to catch the attention of a good-looking or an interesting woman. After my break up I was immersed in my work for many years and I neglected my personal life very much. Before I overcame my shyness, the woman in my life disappeared:-)) At the beginning I was rather sceptical, but I wondered above all, which woman, whom I had contacted, will answer to me. Nevertheless, my profile had – not very surprisingly for me – a very fast feedback and I got acquainted with a number of interesting women. I have exchanged emails with some women and phoned them, but I met with only 2 of them: the first was a hair dresser and the second one was a psychologist. The meetings were funny and interesting and, at the minimum, one of the matches could have been my type. Unfortunatelly, I was not her type. Neverthelless, a great friendship came into being, with a lot of confidence, openness and spontaneity. Although we will not be lovers, this friendship means a lot to me. For me, a partnership must not be a one-way street. Finally, I have met the true dream woman, Dana from the Czech Republic. It was my latest contact. We were travelling the whole summer together (Tunisia). It was absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much for my wife Dana.“ Many accomplishments with your web-site. Best regards

George, Dana, München

Name: Martin
City: Passau

Dear Sir, Madam, I never quite believed that it would be possible, but I have succeeded! Owing to the dating agency I have been together with a Czech woman (Petra) for 9 months. We get along very well. Your choice criteria with photographs seem to be reasonable. My girl-friend is the fourth one I have contacted. I finished email contact with the first woman very soon, because I realised only after several written words that she was no match for me. The second one was still living together with her husband and children in their house and she wrote emails only in secret. And the third was terribly frightened of a relation as soon as she had realized after the first nice meeting that it could be OK. At that time I was rather nervous and I did not care about future disappointments. However, then the fourth woman came and she turned out to be the true one! And I am very happy now. My courage to click at the right moment has brought much good. Although she lives 300 km from my town, we meet more often than any married couple. She has become a strong part of my life. I felt it already during our first phone calls and our personal meeting confirmed my feeling.Many thanks to all.“

Martin, Passau

Name: Gerhard
City: Wien

Once the phone rang and it was my dream partner. We have been together already 1.5 years. Gerhard is the best one for me. Many thanks for my friend.

Gerhard, Vienna


Name: Sepp
City: Roding

I can only recommend you and your dating agency because you arerespectable. Profiles of women are realistic and real, though it ispossible to find some “black sheep” but they are everywhere. In contrast toother dating agencies, this one is really the right choice and I waspleased to have a profile here. When using a different German agency, theydeducted 19,95 euros from my paypal account during a free trial month and that condition was written in small letters below the text. Thanks to yourwebsite I have found a kind woman of my life. I lost belief that such awoman still exists but I found her just with your help. Thank you very much, best regards

Sepp, Roding

Name: Oliver
City: Corby

Well, I was dubious about this to be honest but I have met a lovely Czech Woman and see no point in maintaining the registration. So thanks very much CSW! UK Man

Oliver, Corby

Name: Sammy
City: Buckinghamshire

It was a good experience of meeting different girls from czech with different aim of joining this site but at the end i found a girl .

Sammy, Buckinghamshire

Name: Hajo
City: Regensburg

Dear Sirs and Madames,
Thanks to your female profiles, I have now found my princess, thank you very much!
Yours sincerely

Hajo, Regensburg

Name: Fande
City: Chemnitz

Yes I think I have found the right woman :) !!!
Good site with good members and honest value for money.

Fande, Chemnitz

Name: Franz
City: Landau

I was only registered for 1 month and received a lot of letters. I found my partner and can only recommend this website.

With regards Franz, Landaou

Name: Holger
City: Wien

My story of success has not (yet) been crowned with a strong partnership, but I found "my love" here. It's hard to keep and develop love. Especially when there are children and the parents have separated, a fresh start is difficult for everyone. Maybe "my love" will come true. Thank you for the many nice moments. I love the country and the people, for me it was like a dream.

Thanks Holger, Vienna

Name: Frank
City: Nürnberg


I have found a new love with your side.

Thanks, Frank

Name: Gerhard
City: Brandberg

Thank you,

the dating agency all the best, fast success, cost-effective, discreet. Super woman found.

Thank you Gerhard, Brandberg

Name: Markus
City: Corvara

I thank you for the website and the service and would like to end the membership because my girlfriend is from Prievidza, thanks for everything.
Best regards to the team
Markus, Corvara

Name: Christoph
City: Valtice

Only very briefly: I always had quite a lot of traffic and a great selection ... and ultimately I found EXACT the ones I always wanted ... and they match me perfectly ... we do not have to hurry to know But that we will marry and make every effort to grow old together ...
Thanks Christoph

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I´ve already found my angel, my Jana, 29 years old, profile number: 18... She is my big love and we´ll live together since 9th November 2013 :D Thanks a lot. Andreas, Neulengbach

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