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The happy men and women, and their story of love:


Name: Uwe
City: Immenstadt

I found my dream woman here after a short time. Thank you very much.

Uwe, Immenstadt

Name: Thomas
City: Neuenstein

So far by far the best dating site I've found, and here is my new one. It went very quickly, but I think it will go on forever and it works really well. The first assignment that was worth it.

Thomas, Neuenstein

Name: Andersag
City: Meran

I would like to make it very good, after all I have not been able to coronate the coronary work and I have to pay a lot of money, we do not have to pay more money, I have to share with us and we will not be able to to fuck. Thanks a lot and a lot of light, and if you want to, you have beautiful and great women.

Andersag, Meran

Name: Colin
City: Port of Spain

Met the most AMAZING Woman in my 39 years of being alive. Now, I'm in Love and I'm hopeful, encouraged and inspired for the future. She inspires me to be a better man and I can only say, never give up on Love and never give up on yourself, your values and what you are worth because that perfect person for you will come along and see that in you. To everyone, good night, good luck and may you all find what I did!

Colin, Port of Spain

Name: Andreas
City: Strobl

I found my dream woman.

Thanks Andreas

Name: Heinz
City: Weiden

Find your page very good,

found my dream woman and would like my profile to be deleted.
Thank you very much, Heinz, Weiden

Name: Rene
City: Bern


found a woman, thanks.

Rene, Bern

Name: GiB
City: Herentals

I have found the love of my life....

Name: Hajo
City: Regensburg

Dear Sirs and Madames,
Thanks to your female profiles, I have now found my princess, thank you very much!
Yours sincerely

Hajo, Regensburg

Name: Fande
City: Chemnitz

Yes I think I have found the right woman :) !!!
Good site with good members and honest value for money.

Fande, Chemnitz

Name: Franz
City: Landau

I was only registered for 1 month and received a lot of letters. I found my partner and can only recommend this website.

With regards Franz, Landaou

Name: Holger
City: Wien

My story of success has not (yet) been crowned with a strong partnership, but I found "my love" here. It's hard to keep and develop love. Especially when there are children and the parents have separated, a fresh start is difficult for everyone. Maybe "my love" will come true. Thank you for the many nice moments. I love the country and the people, for me it was like a dream.

Thanks Holger, Vienna

Name: Frank
City: Nürnberg


I have found a new love with your side.

Thanks, Frank

Name: Gerhard
City: Brandberg

Thank you,

the dating agency all the best, fast success, cost-effective, discreet. Super woman found.

Thank you Gerhard, Brandberg

Name: Markus
City: Corvara

I thank you for the website and the service and would like to end the membership because my girlfriend is from Prievidza, thanks for everything.
Best regards to the team
Markus, Corvara

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Dear Team, I was looking for the woman for life beyond the German-Czech border and have registered here in April 2011. Using the same scale of my profile, I was contacted by Klaudie Louny mid-May. You want me to know you. Since we both are in contact via e-mail and this account here. Klaudie is a beautiful and loving wife. A meeting in her home is already planned. We will then discuss everything else, so that we can expand and strengthen our relationship (remote). I've been with my wife found ...

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