hereby and duly concluded between

Entrepreneur of online dating, company:,s.r.o., Šmeralova 991/5, 77900 Czech Republic, VAT identification number: 26851938 (in the Czech Republic)

and the registered user - Partner

The online dating agency (hereinafter Entrepreneur) has been established in order to mediate contacts (via phone, mobile phone, Skype, yahoo, MSN, ICQ or email) between Czech and Slovak women as well as women from other European countries (further Female Partners) and men from the whole world (further Partners) who want to find a partner for marriage. The online dating agency does not give hundred-per-cent guarantee for success in finding Female Partners – i.e. their positive responses via emails or phone calls, or through other contacts. However, it is in the interest of the Entrepreneur to supply all services and functions of the European Dating Agency in the best quality and at the highest level.

By registering and filling in the women profiles, the Female Partners give consent to being contacted by a Partner, namely via the above contacts. The European Dating Agency cannot give guarantee for positive answers of Female Partners via email, mobile phone or phone; i.e. for mutual contacting of the both partners.

The Entrepreneur guarantees only the correctness of the given Female Partner’s email addresses. We do not check mobile phone numbers, Skype, yahoo, MSN, ICQ and phone numbers and therefore, we do not give any guarantee for these contact details and their correctness. Nevertheless, we do our best to achieve correct and right contact details.

It is possible that the older profiles of the Female Partners – their given email addresses – are no longer valid, because the contacts have been e.g. cancelled or are out-of-date. In this case, according to the customer's request, we try to find this Female Partner by means of some other contact, provided that it was given by her. We are not responsible for the cancelled or changed contacts of Female Partners.

As the online dating agency has no control over the given advertisements (i.e. their contents), it cannot bear responsibility for mutual contacting of a man and a woman and later on, getting to know each other, and we keep aloof of any advertising of any undesirable contact for the purpose of erotic services and other unsuitable contacts at variance with the law and ethics.

Upon receipt of the amount according to the valid price list on our account we shall activate for you all contacts available at the European Dating Agency within 5 working days, which the user – partner will have at disposal. Information email with notice about the activation of contacts or membership, duration and payment terms will be sent to the users – partners to their given email addresses. Incoming payments or any parts of transferred payments are not returned.

Your personal data will not be given to any other strange persons, if you do not give them at the disposal of your Female Partners. We take special care that you remain anonymous, therefore, we offer only paid service for contacting women and girls over 18 years in order to establish a firm partnership, culminating in marriage. The course of getting acquainted is outside the scope of the Entrepreneur's activities and only the couple itself (man and woman) is fully responsible for it.

The Entrepreneur reserves the right to change or cancel the services of the online dating agency without previous information and without liability to pay compensation to any user or third party. The Entrepreneur is interested in quality, faultless and long-term running of the European Dating Agency.

The user – partner is responsible for secrecy concerning his user accounts and passwords. The Entrepreneur is not responsible for any misuse of the user account by any third person, even if with or without any intent of the user. The user is hereby undertaking to inform the Entrepreneur immediately in case that his user account has been misused or he suspects that it has been misused during the course of contacting the online partner(s).

In order to improve user friendliness, it is possible that your registration data will be evaluated in other Entrepreneur's Internet servers. The once input information can be evaluated at European Dating Agency by means of some of these services.

The Entrepreneur is undertaking not to sell, let and give your data to any third party. It is possible that he will decide in the future to enter into cooperation with a trustworthy company, which is engaged in Internet activities relating to information provision. If it happens, the Entrepreneur is undertaking to offer you the possibility to become a part of such transaction or to refuse it. Your refusal will be taken into account.

The Entrepreneur reserves the right to provide the public or trustworthy third parties with statistical information summary on the visit frequency, turnover, customers and other related data. However, these statistics do not contain any information enabling anybody to identify an individual customer. That is, only statistical and summary data are concerned.

Upon your successful registration, you agree with receipt of one email report in 14 days at the maximum, which is sent by the Entrepreneur of the European Dating Agency to your email address registered with us and has a data volume of max 10 kb.

The online dating agency protects your private data from misuse and respects your confidence. The information is collected only for the purpose of quality improvement of the services. They are not handed over to any other third subject by the Entrepreneur. Exceptions are given in the above rules. By using the online dating agency services you give consent to collecting and evaluating information supplied by you. You will find the description of rules concerning such data in this document.

The Entrepreneur gives no guarantee for continual system functionality, especially concerning the following services: watch-dog, live chat, video and sending new women profiles. It is in the Entrepreneur's interests to supply services in the best quality and at the highest level.

The registered users - partners agree with using the online dating agency services. The Entrepreneur guarantees no continual system functionality of service and its safety. It is in the Entrepreneur's interests to supply all services and functions of the European Dating Agency in the best quality and at the highest level. The Entrepreneur bears no responsibility for loss of data of the registered partners, if the case may be.

The following rules are to be adhered to:

For the user and participant of the Internet offer:

1) Should you be seriously interested in finding a person for partnership or marriage, please register yourselves only on this Internet site.
2) Please enter only true data on this site. If the profiles turn out to be false, they will be deleted immediately. Please present yourself as good as possible in order to enhance your chances.
3) Please allow us to contact you by email during your registration. It can take the form of a newsletter or technical enlargements and problem solutions.
4) Should you have any questions, suggestions or wishes, please send us an email. We shall do our best to help you.
5) Please read our news and reports in order to have always up-to-date information.
6) Should you wish some improvements, please write to us. We take pleasure in receiving your constructive ideas and proposals.

For agencies and businessmen

1) All rules for users and participants are also valid for you.
2) It is forbidden to write the web address or the agency name in the return address.
3) It is forbidden to take over, or to copy, mobile phone / phone numbers and email addresses of users. It is forbidden to contact members in order to promote your own services. We offer a lot of possibilities in this regard.

* Should one or more regulations be infringed, the profile is deleted immediately. Depending on the nature of the breach we reserve the right to file a complaint with the prosecutor. For this purpose all
* IP addresses are recorded with time and date.

Additionally, please take into account our General terms of Trade without fail.

We appreciate your decision to use our services.

Data protection: In order to protect your privacy we do not disclose your contact data, i.e. your surname, address, phone, e-mail, etc. or your photograph on the Internet. We do not sell any data. The data you have handed over to us online, will be sent in an encoded form via SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer).

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